We are a fully accredited NDIS Aggregator which means we can connect you to the NDIS APIs as part of our solution.

Fully Integrated

NDIS Management.

We are NDIS aggregators offering you native integration with the NDIS APIs which allows you to see all relevant NDIS information directly within your Salesforce client management solution.
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Lucia Milne

NDIS Plan 2023-2024
NDIS Number
Melbourne, AUS
Funding Structure
Plan Managed
In Progress

Plan Management

Maica is natively integrated with the NDIS APIs to offer your teams total visibility and control over participant's plans, service bookings, budgets, and support item pricing.
Participant NDIS Plan Synchronisation to Salesforce
Integrated Service Booking, Plan Budget Management
Ongoing Budget Management and Visualisation
Easily extendable using Salesforce's native features
Participant Onboarding
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Andrea P.

Onboarding & Acquisition

Maica has been developed directly on top of the market-leading Salesforce Enterprise platform.

This means, you can take advantage of a variety of native features, such as opportunities, leads, and marketing campaigns.

We have extended these functions to include NDIS-specific features, such as managing support items, plan budgets, and price books.

Service Agreement

1st Jan 2023 - 31st Jan 2024
In Progress
Andrea P.
Plan Managed

Service Agreements

We enable your client service delivery processes by providing the ability to configure service agreements which form the financial foundation for the delivery of your healthcare services.
Financial service agreements to underpin service delivery
Integration with Conga, DocuSign and others natively
Service rates management using Salesforce's price books
Easily extend using Salesforce workflows
Service Delivery Invoice
1st Mar 2023
Support Coordination

Invoicing & Claiming

We enable the automatic and integrated ability to generate invoices and claim directly from the NDIS, via their APIs, using your Salesforce client management system.

Maica is capable of sending invoices directly to plan managers, participants, or their personal relationships like a parent or guardian.

Invoices can be paid directly by a participant by simply clicking "Pay Now" using the Stripe payment gateway; these are then reconciled straight to Salesforce.
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