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The ultimate Client

Management Platform.

The digital world is becoming more relevant than ever with today's consumers. A growing list of digital channels, customer choices and engagement personalisation means that customer-focused organisations need to deeply understand their stakeholders.

Salesforce stands alone in the CRM market as the leading digital platform based on reliability, scale, integration capabilities, configurability, as well as a comprehensive application store.

Salesforce Enterprise

Salesforce Sales Cloud manages leads more effectively, monitors pipeline more accurately, automates administrative tasks, and close more deals faster with the world's most trusted sales force automation software.

Salesforce Service Cloud
unifies all your channels on the world’s first all-digital engagement platform, including contact centre to the field, deliver industry-leading customer service management.
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Salesforce Enterprise
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The Salesforce Ecosystem

The Salesforce platform offers an unparalleled ecosystem of applications and services to extend your digital solutions. These include marketing, service, online portal, collaboration, and data insights solutions.

Maica has been entirely built on the Salesforce platform so the entire solution suite will be available to your organisation when implementing Maica. We find typical use cases to be participant portals, marketing journeys, and incident management solutions.

By selecting Salesforce, you are becoming part of a large community of customers, consultants, and product solutions, meaning you are in safe hands.
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