We are a fully accredited NDIS Aggregator which means we can connect you to the NDIS APIs as part of our solution.

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Service Delivery.

Maica offers your team a native Salesforce application, we call it Client Care, to manage the delivery of your services to your participants. This is directly integrated into Maica's Client Management application to complete the lifecycle.
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Lucia Milne
Date & Time
Melbourne, AUS
Occupational Therapy
Initial Consultation

Shifts and Appointments

At the core of Maica's client care solution sit shifts and appointments as the primary process to manage your team's activities. This includes support for appointment and shift templates, advanced scheduling and the subsequent billing of appointment activities.
Visual shift and appointment management
Appointment checklists to ensure compliance and security
Single and group appointments across your organisation
Budget management across appointment schedule

Weekly Schedule

Andrea P.
Harrison D.
Lucia M.
Michelle K.

Scheduling and Rostering

We have developed a calendar that allows your team to view your appointments, both current and upcoming, from the perspective of your workforce, your participants, or simply as an appointment view.

This will provide you with complete visibility whichever way you would like to look at your service delivery.

In addition, your workforce can schedule their own appointments, manage their day, as well as coordinate the participants they are responsible for.

Maica Action

Support Coordination
Phone Call
Andrea P.
Record Call

Support Coordination

Support Coordination is much more spontaneous and unpredictable by the nature of the activity. Maica enables this, alongside other activities such as report writing, using our Maica Actions which are a configurable set of activities based on how you you work.
It's always available straight from the Salesforce Utility Bar
Configurable Maica Actions to the way your team works
Capturing to billing in two clicks, could not be simpler
Easily extend using Salesforce work and screen flows
Client Note
15th March 2023
Andrea P.

Client Notes and Goals

Client notes are an essential tool for capturing a participant's journey with your organisation and their wellbeing. Maica provides natively for the recording of client notes but we also recognise that each organisation approaches this slightly differently.

With this in mind, Maica offers the capability to capture rich text notes and associate these with specific client goals whilst also remaining completely configurable to your specific data and process requirements.

Resource Profile

Andrea's Overview
Scheduled to Date
Andrea P.
Roster Andrea

Workforce Management

Managing your workforce takes many shapes, including recording and filtering based on skills, attributes, and preferences. Maica offers you the native features to effectively manage your service delivery team, we call them resources.
Resource skills, constraints, and preferences
Management of availability and working hours
Assignment of participants directly to rescources
Extend your resource profiles to capture additional info
My Schedule for Today
21st Jan 2023
Andrea P.
3pm for 90 minutes
Michelle K.
6pm for 60 minutes

Mobile & Self-Management

It is of course critical that your workforce is enabled on mobile devices. Maica is fully compatible with the Saleforce1 mobile application which means, everything we offer you is also available on mobile devices without any additional configuration.

This means, your client care team can schedule their own appointments, manage their assigned participants, record client notes, and perform many other functions directly from their phones or tablets.

Our Salesforce Field Service Management Solution.

Field Service Management
Salesforce's Field Service Management is an enterprise scheduling solution catering to organisations with large workforce teams.
Maica's Integration
Maica offers a complete integration with Salesforce's Field Service Management solution to enable the healthcare sector to manage their workforce teams.
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